Our Roots

Enfolded by the Stellenbosch Mountains, you will find the picturesque Calenick Farm situated at the top of Helshoogte in the Banhoek Valley

Initially bought by Sir Lewis Michell in 1916, Calenick Farm rose from humble origins as a fruit farm.

During 1960, Pam Michell started the well-renowned Protea venture through the development and production of the unique hybrid Protea Venus – a crossing of protea aristata and protea repens – which was registered with the plant breeder’s rights in 1995.

These flowers have been exported to Europe ever since, and we have various partners in South Africa, and around the globe, producing Venus with us.

Her son, Bryan Michell, took over the farming legacy in 1997 and has expanded the enterprise into an international and local trade of flora through the company Cape Mountain Flora.


Known as the flagship protea of Calenick Farm, the Protea Venus was cultivated by Pam Michell during 1960 through a process of breeding and selection.

The crossing between the Protea Aristata and the Protea Repens has been described as an incredibly striking and beautiful hybrid.

The Venus has a long stemmed, deep red, flower head with silvery tips and strong leaves that makes for a long-lasting flower that also holds its colour.


For over 50 years, our family based company has ensured that our dedicated staff only produce the finest quality flowers.

We are also continuously striving to improve and update our growing methods to produce the most sought-after and beautiful plants.

Apart from producing our flagship flower, the Protea Venus, other Cape Floral products grown on Calenick Farm include the Protea Ayoba© Arctic Ice, Protea Cynaroides, Protea Nana, Leucadendron Ulka, Leucadendron Jester, Leucospermum Veldfire, Leucospermum Ayoba© Mandarin Zest, Leucospermum Soleil and Phylica Pubescens.

Cape Mountain Flora

Cape Mountain Flora sources the best quality and most sought-after products from independent farms in South-Africa, aiding in the long-term development of the fresh cut Protea and flora industry.

Due to Protea and Fynbos farming being especially labour intensive, it provides jobs for thousands of farmworkers in the Western Cape region. By supporting the industry, we contribute to the socio-economic welfare of those directly involved in the growing and harvesting of these exceptional floral products.

Cape Mountain Flora understands the impact of floral exports on the environment, and so, we try to protect our Protea and Fynbos landscapes by participating in sustainable harvesting and ethical trading, adhering to the Code of Best Practice. Each stem is hand-picked from either cultivated stock or renewable sources which are closely monitored, ensuring that strict environmental and social standards are adhered to.

We also take our carbon footprint into account and therefore only make use of passenger aircraft (never air cargo) and sea freight forwarders to transport our products. All our products are sourced from growers producing their flora naturally (in the open air with no artificial lighting or heating), which is beneficial to our ecology and environment as the plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product.

Cape Mountain Flora offers:

  • N The freshest and widest range of the Cape Floral Kingdom flora (Protea, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Cape Greens, Ferns, Grasses, Geraldton Wax, Banksia, Bouquets, and others).
  • NQuality products that are ethically sourced
  • NCompetitively priced products directly exported
  • NFriendly, efficient, and reliable personal service
  • N Guaranteed satisfaction, always.
  • NStrategic partnerships with growers

Our Management Team

Bryan Michell


Carlo Pieterse